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Stash Solutions, LLC is a web design company specializing in small, niche websites for helping professionals. Website creation for small business requires affordability, personal attention and expertise that is hard to find in a larger web design agency wrapped up in huge, complicated projects.  We make websites for psychotherapists, life coaches, doulas, lactation consultants, massage therapists, physical therapists, nutritionists, patient advocates, behaviorists, etc. Focus on what you do best, and leave the technical stuff to us.

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We help people... help people.

Here’s our 3-step process

How it works.


Answer Some Questions

We discuss your vision for your new company website.  Your private practice website should reflect your personal style, expertise and skills.  We will review what to put on your business website, how we design affordable sites, and why you need a website.   


We Analyse & Plan

We collaborate on counseling website names and hosting, simple website design and what top therapist sites have in common.  We provide you with different website design examples.  We can provide suggestions for photos and  niche content for your new business site. 


We Deliver & Launch

Once we have agreed on a look and feel for your personal website, we work on delivering a professional, personal website customized to your specific service business.  We can hand the reins over to you at this point or we can provide ongoing website maintenance.

Wondering what you get? Features & Benefits:

- 01. Custom design

Whether you’re a psychotherapist, doula, lactation consultant, life coach or massage therapist, your website should reflect you and help you reach clients.

- 02. Easy to edit

We make simple company websites, with all the instruction you need to make future changes yourself.   

- 03. Mobile responsive

Your small business site will look great on iPads and mobile phones.

Have a look at some examples of our work.

A few words about who we are.

Experience for your business

Maybe you’re a LCSW looking for a play therapy website, a marriage counseling website, or a family therapy website.  Or perhaps a massage therapist, nutritionist or occupational therapist who just decided to go into private practice.  We’ve got you covered.  We’re dedicated to the sole proprietor and stand behind your mission to help others.  We are interested in providing personalized, dedicated services to small individual business owners just like you.    

Many of our customers are not particularly interested in technology but understand the necessity of a simple, professional-looking website so potential clients can find them online and reach them easily.  Other clients want a website where they can keep a niche blog such as for health coaching, breastfeeding tips or the benefits of massage therapy. We can also help design a website to book private practice appointments, sell your self-help book or sell tickets to a live webinar or audiobook. Our mission is to help you to help others.

Other services we provide:

Maintenance Packages

Maybe you’re not particular tech-savvy.  Or you’re not interested in staying up-to-date on the latest web development trends.  Sign up for a monthly maintenance package… we make sure your site has the most recent software updates, security features and regular backups in case of loss.  

Directory Profile Help

We’ve studied directory sites like PsychologyToday.com, reviewed hundreds of therapist profiles and even taken business development courses on what makes a therapist profile stand out from the crowd.  Let us help you pick the perfect profile picture and develop a personal, compelling description of your private practice.

SEO Guidance

We can take a look at your current small business website and strategize ways to optimize your search engine rankings, using targeted keywords for your service niche.  Simple, affordable strategies can go a long way towards reaching your target customers.

Content Development

Most helping professionals would rather be meeting with and talking to clients.  You can provide us with niche topics you’d like to focus on in your professional business blog and we will develop new, regular content so your company site stays fresh and interesting.  

Our clients love us.



“ You did an amazing job!! ”

Senior software engineer


“Cheryl walked me through the total website process, from registering my domain to accepting credit card payments from my clients.  Her advice and education were invaluable!”

Your clients are out there.

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