Planning Your Site Content

You’re probably not sure what kinds of topics to write about on your site, or what to focus on for your Homepage or About Me.  You want to be authentic and provide valuable information, but you also don’t want your site to get lost in a sea of a million well-intentioned providers.  How will you reach your intended audience?  

Here are some points to consider while writing website content-

Your mission statement.  Who are you?  What is your website about?  What makes you unique?  Who are you trying to reach?  How will your services enhance your clients’ lives?  What’s the reason you’re in business, besides making an income?  Spend a good amount of time thinking about this.  Many websites get lost in the shuffle because they do not have a clear focus about who they are and what they offer, and what their competitive advantage is.  

Keyword planning.  With your mission better in mind, start writing down what search terms these clients would type into a search engine (like Google) in order to find you.  Use the vocabulary your audience would use.  Use tools like Keywords Everywhere or  Answer the Public to brainstorm ideas (future article on these tools coming soon!).    Write down as many phrases as possible.   Your mission, unique selling points and keywords should all be cohesive at this point.

Create cornerstone content.  Over the long-term, you’ll want to create pages for each of your keywords- and its not unusual for a small business to have a few dozen or 100+ keywords they ultimately rank for.  Initially, its best to focus on the most important phrases and turn them into cornerstone content.  Create the best possible content for these keywords- authoritative and value-loaded.   

Always pay attention to your competition.  If your industry is very competitive with large businesses pouring a lot of money into advertising, you may want to focus on just keywords in your local area or more specific keywords (vs. general).  In this way you may not get as much traffic to your site, but the readers you do get will be more likely to convert to clients.  

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