Do you need privacy protection?

When you purchase a domain, your registrar is required by ICANN to enter the contact information of the site owner. When you go to, you can check to see who owns a domain name.  Some kind of information must be submitted. So unless you opt to protect your personal data, it goes public.  Privacy protection hides personal contact information from complete strangers. Instead of using your name, the registrar company uses their own name or some kind of anonymous organization.  This is pretty straightforward and is one of the most common reasons domain owners opt for privacy protection. 

  • Avoid unwanted phone or email solicitations from telemarketers, sales people, spammers, and con artists.  It doesn’t take long after a domain registration to start getting a flood of calls and emails about SEO services, content optimization, social media marketing, mailing services, virtual assistants, freelance opportunities from people overseas, and more.

  • Avoid domain hijacking by people who see your public email address and attempt to discover your password and point your website to a different site.

Using fake information can get your site kicked off the Internet so we don’t recommend this strategy.  A post office box is a viable option but it is usually more costly than Privacy Protection add-ons. You can get a P.O. Box and also combine this with creating a special “throwaway email” just for the spam you might get.

In sum, buying Privacy protection will typically be a small expense but will save you lots of time and aggravation down the road.  If you can afford it, we suggest adding it on when registering your domain (NameSilo and Google Domains offer free privacy protection automatically with every registration).  You can also add it on down the road if you’re getting too many unwanted calls or emails.  

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